THE GADABOUT is a DIY Film Festival that curates an annual short film program that tours internationally.


The Gadabout was born in 2002, with the idea of creating a film festival that operates more like a DIY punk band, an alternative to the money focused, commercial film festivals. We bought a van, got a projector, screen and PA then took a program of independent shorts films out on the road. We screened in basements, art houses, music venues, collective spaces, warehouses, parking lots, parks etc. Each year since, we’ve continued to create a new program and taken it on tour.

We have been fortunate enough to receive and share incredible short films from all around the world, screening them in 45 states, 8 different countries and over 100 cities during the past 12 years.

Over that time we’ve seen filmmaking and the way in which we watch films change and progress. We have gone from receiving VHS submissions in the mail to transferring digital files from filmmakers online that live thousands of miles away. From a time when “youtube” didn’t exist to a world where people can watch anything the want at the click of a button. All this being said the essence of the gadabout hasn’t changed. Things have become even more exciting, especially now that filmmaking has become more accessible. The ethics of the gadabout are still going strong. We believe in representing honest filmmakers and showcasing a program of entertaining and thoughtful short films. We aim to bring film to non-film settings, screening the films to audiences that wouldn’t necessarily be exposed. We want to show that filmmaking can be fun, and amazing content can come out of low-to-no budgets.  

This year we are touring extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Check out our tour dates to see when we are coming to a town near you!