THE GADABOUT is a DIY Film Festival that curates an annual short film program that tours internationally.

12th Annual Program

This is our 12th year and we have a new gust of energy, we are touring extensively throughout 2014 and early 2015.  We plan to visit over 15 countries and tour many states in the USA. For this annual program we decided to do something different, we have curated a collection of films all with no dialogue. The aim of “Speechless” is to play with the idea of communication. Verbal language is not the only way to express or tell a story. eliminating the use of dialogue can in fact open the door to a more exciting and interesting approach to filmmaking. It is also really cool that we can share this program widely in many different countries with no language barriers getting in the way of us all enjoying the films together.

We have already taken the program on one European tour. We will now be touring throughout the US visiting over 70 cities between August and November. We will then heading back over to Europe at the end of November and continuing to tour throughout early 2015.