THE GADABOUT is a DIY Film Festival that curates an annual short film program that tours internationally.

Festival Passes Now On Sale!!

Tickets on sale now at Plan 9 Film Emporium here in town.  Or buy your tickets on-line here! 

 $8 for festival pass.

MAXIMUM SUMMER, The Bepstein Documentary

Centered on the philosophies and hardships of Ben Epstein (AKA Bepstein), bassist of the DC pop- punk band The Max Levine Ensemble.  He’s determinedly committed to keeping the same priorities he had when he was 14, even through he’s now 27.  These include eating pizza and ice cream, playing kickball, riding roller coasters, and staying up all night.  (Rose Haag, Washington, DC)

SCREENING: Thursday, Feb 21st @10pm

Dead Weight!

We are excited to announce that the Gadabout will be screening DEAD WEIGHT at our upcoming festival in Bloomington, IN.  It’s a post apocalyptic feature film shot in Wisconsin.  In true DIY fashion, this film was made through the committed effort of a group of friends playing on the strengths of their resources. We are really looking forward to sharing this film with you!

11th Annual Gadabout Kicks Off in Bloomington this February

To kick-off the 11th annual Gadabout Film Festival, there will be a big weekend event in Bloomington, IN, with 4 nights of screenings. We are excited to announce that the festival will be held in the I Fell Building, a new arts spot in Bloomington.

-NEWEST Gadabout program of short films
-A collection of Music Videos
-Filmmaker Spotlights, featuring short programs by various filmmakers, including Outpost, Jamtron, Out of the Basement, 88.8, Eric Ayotte, and more.
-Maximum Summer, The Bepstein Documentary (feature documentary by Rose Haag)
-Dead Weight (post apocalyptic feature film by Wisconsin based Head Trauma Productions)
-Instant Gratification Movie Challenge

More details on the screenings coming soon.

Tickets will be $8 for a full festival pass (admission to all screenings and access to after party events), or $3 per screening. Tickets on sale soon.