THE GADABOUT is a DIY Film Festival that curates an annual short film program that tours internationally.


12th ANNUAL GADABOUT FILM FEST touring with ERIC AYOTTE, and “STRUCTURES” a pop-up art show!

13th - Maastricht, The Netherlands - Gallery OHP9
14th - Enschede , The Netherlands- The Loch
15th - Munster, Germany 
16th - Hanover, Germany
17th - Berlin, Germany
18th - Dresden, Germany - Cool Vacation Collective
19th - Krakow, Poland
20th - Budapest, Hungary
21st - Vienna, Austria - dasBACH
22nd - Erlangen, Germany
23rd - Saarbrucken, Germany
24th - Mannheim, Germany - Wild West
25th - Paris, France
27th - Brighton, UK - Phoenix Brighton
28th - London, UK
More European and US tour dates for the Fall coming soon!